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Poltava, You won't die from starvation in Poltava - that is for sure. Today Poltava boasts decades of restaurants serving various cuisines and offering their customers comfort and style. Whether you are seeking for traditional Ukrainian restaurants or restaurants serving classical Italian cuisines, you will find the most suitable establishments. Restaurants, bars and cafes are available throughout the city, particularly in the center of Poltava and near the places of tourists' interest.


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Poltava Restaurants


The culinary geography of Kherson embraces many countries of the world. Wonderful restaurants of Italian, Russian, Caucasian and even the so-called Soviet cuisine are at your disposal. Do not miss an opportunity to taste traditional Ukrainian cuisine with such hits as varenik (small dough pies with different stuffing), famous Ukrainian borsch (beet soup) with pampushki (soft rolls soaked in fresh crushed garlic and oil) and other dishes.

Tipping is not mandatory but usually expected in restaurants. If you believe that the service was good, you can leave some money for the waiter. Some restaurants put "Service not included" in their menu, and you will have to pay for the service as much as you consider necessary. Tipping can be 5 to 10 % of your total bill. Check your bill before paying. Tipping is not required in fast food restaurants, cafes, and other places where you order your food at a counter.

Fast Food Restaurants

With reasonable prices, quick service and versatile menus, offering dishes of American, Russian and traditional Ukrainian cuisines, the numerous fast foods of Vinnitsa welcome everybody, who is short of time and wants to have a snack. Citizens and guests to Kherson can also visit Quick and Casual restaurants, which combine quick service with food quality and more comfortable seating usually found only in casual dining restaurants. This restaurant category appeared in Kherson several years ago.

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